Why not these practice balls

Read why Smushballs are the balls for durablity both indoors and outdoors, rain or snow. Click to see a comparison between these other popular training balls


a few reasons why to try these

  • *Real Money $avings
  • *Use in any weather
  • *Avoid Injuries
  • *Multiple repetitions per player in a short amount of time and space.
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    Frequently Asked questions

    A list of just some of the frequently asked questions that coaches and parents ask. You can also send us an email of your questions at baseball@smushballs.com


    Smushballs and now Smushbottles

    Welcome to the home of the original 10,000 hit practice ball. We keep things simple to keep costs low. Smushballs are the perfect practice ball to use indoors or outdoors, in rain or cold conditions, against fences, nets and even in basements. What started as trying to find a good practice ball when my son was playing ball and an alternative to whiffle balls has continued to grow to teams using smushballs in all 50 states, from little league to college teams. Please watch the videos on YouTube, call us with questions and see how efficient these balls can be.

    We also have a new product called a Smushbottle. I was tired of always looking for a water bottle that would last This revolutionary new hydra bottle is virtually unbreakable. We have experienced in the past the constant need of always purchasing water bottles as they break or get run over or so many more things and we noticed a great new type of bottle that not only serves as a water bottle but also can be used easily as an ice pack for sore muscles. Some of the other qualities and benefits include: • 100% PURE SILICONE (BODY) • 100% BPA FREE! • 100% PHTHALATES FREE • DISHWASHER SAFE! • HEAT RESISTANT UP TO 300 F O • ECO FRIENDLY • NO AFTER TASTE • ODORLESS • FOOD GRADE APPROVED • FDA APPROVED • ONE HAND EASY ACCESS OPERATION • REUSABLE AND 100% RECYCLABLE • FREEZABLE UP TO -40 FO • LIGHT WEIGHT • ATTACHES TO BAT BAG OR OTHER BAGS OR BELT LOOP AND…it is collapsible which makes storage so easy for traveling. Similar bottles can be found online at Sears or even Amazon for anywhere from $25 to $35...for the same type bottle! We knew we could find a better way to offer these to all athletes, hikers, scouts and people who just want a good bottle.