Following surgery of both shoulders in 2003, I needed to find a way to still throw batting practice to my 13 year old son and his team that I coached. The typical solution was to use whiffle balls, golf ball sized and even marking them with different colors so my son would have to yell out the color as he was hitting (hoping he would learn to focus on the ball, spin, rotation etc). I found whiffle balls were not great outdoors especially with wind, and they did not feel to great when I was hit in the face or neck with them and most of all, I didn't like how quickly they broke. I tried other things to throw, including peanut M&M's and much to my delight, my son was able to hit them with consistency but it was a waste of my snack.

Finally I was at a tradeshow with my job and one vendor was giving away stress balls. They were light weight and I thought that maybe these balls would work. I ended up obtaining the vendor's leftover give-aways and tried them out with my son. There was no pain to throw the balls and I could throw the balls where I wanted, targeting my son's weak spots. In the winter, we would go to a local indoor basketball court and I would throw from just above the free throw line and have my son try to drive the ball to the opposite wall.

I found that to me, this was the perfect practice ball and soon other coaches wanted to practice with them.

I started searching and eventually found factories in China that made a heavy duty stress ball and I began ordering a few cases for local coaches and Smushballs, the company was formed.

We formed Smushballs in order for people to be able to purchase these balls at an affordable cost. We feel it is a better ball than whiffle balls...can be used in all types of weather, does not strain arms and much, much more.

Please call if you have any questions but don't be surprised if I just talk and talk so careful about questions. I just like these balls.

Since we first started selling Smushballs, others have copied our product with similar products, some with seems, some different colors, but all are more expensive yet are basically the same, a polyurethane safe practice ball. Please let us know how we can assist. These balls can be used as fundraisers, used individually by parents, by teams all types of uses and I am always interested in feedback or comments. We grow from word of mouth and sending out emails...sadly to advertise in the major publications takes major dollars and that would make the price higher...We want these affordable.

Several years ago we were invited to donate some Smushballs to some underprivileged youth in an inner city program. That prompted us to team up with some humanitarian groups and donate balls to schools in other places like small villages in Equador and Mexico so that children will be able to be children instead of using leaves rolled up in a form of a ball.

Why is it called a Smushball

Many people ask where we came up with the name...parents would say that when their boys would hit the balls, and we did various drills that they could smash them or crush them or smoosh them (whatever smoosh means) and so in putting it all together, I liked the name Smushballs. In honor of my son and his abilities and willingness to try something other than whiffle balls and M&Ms, he became the company logo. Hey, it was a great swing and since I am his father...well...thats the story.

What is a Smushbottle

We also have a new product called a Smushbottle. I was tired of always looking for a water bottle that would last. This revolutionary new hydra bottle is virtually unbreakable.

We have experienced in the past the constant need of always purchasing water bottles as they break or get run over or so many more things and we noticed a great new type of bottle. A Smushbottle not only serves as a water bottle but also can be used easily as an ice pack for sore muscles.

Included is a whisk ball that lets you shake and mix powdered drinks. (I mix pancake batter in it when I am camping)

Some of the other qualities and benefits include: • 100% PURE SILICONE (BODY) • 100% BPA FREE! • 100% PHTHALATES FREE • DISHWASHER SAFE! • HEAT RESISTANT UP TO 300°F • ECO FRIENDLY • NO AFTER TASTE • ODORLESS • FOOD GRADE APPROVED • FDA APPROVED • ONE HAND EASY ACCESS OPERATION • REUSABLE AND 100% RECYCLABLE • FREEZABLE UP TO -40°F • LIGHT WEIGHT • ATTACHES TO BAT BAG OR OTHER BAGS OR BELT LOOP …it is collapsible which makes storage so easy for traveling. Similar bottles can be found online at Sears or even Amazon for anywhere from $25 to $35...for the same type bottle! We knew we could find a better way to offer these to all athletes, hikers, scouts and people who just want a good bottle.