A list of just some of the frequently asked questions that coaches and parents ask. You can also send us an email of your questions at baseball@smushballs.com

How does a person become a reseller?
Call for more information (801-361-8416).  This is pretty easy and we can do net 30 or simply pay with credit card.

What size are the Smushballs?
Smushballs are approximately the size of a baseball.  We use to have some that were slightly larger than a golf ball but coaches who tried them did not like them as well.

How heavy are they?
Smushballs are heavier than a nerf ball and probably similar in weight to a golf ball but softer.  Approximately 2 dozen are around 2 lbs.

Are they similar to a Jugs-type ball?
The best way to asnwer this is to ask if a person has ever seen a promotional stress ball that usually has a business logo on them.  Sometimes they are in the shape of the earth.  Originally this is what I used, a stress ball which worked great but did split sometimes.  An importer told me he had a more durable one, a slightly harder covering which has turned out great. You can squeeze them, throw them with zip and they last and last.

Do Smushballs come in different colors?
Smushballs are always available in white however we usually also stock yellow and some limited amounts of red.  Just select the appropriate color in the shopping cart.

Why do softball coaches use the same size as baseball coaches?
Coaches have said that if a player can hit these having them thrown at a relatively close range, then they can hit a softball square. The softball seems bigger after using smushballs. Also, bigger softball size balls are more expensive and tend to rip with heavy usage. So we decided to have one size.

Can I get a sample?
This is the reason why we put together a sample pack offering.  Shipping is what kills the little profit we make and you really cannot try the balls with just a single ball.  We recommend buying a sample pack of 24 balls and then throw them to a player, see how they work after throwing two dozen and the routine you can develop.  This seems like a much better way to see how they work.

Do you accept Purchase Orders?
Absolutely.  However, we do not need the actual purchase sent...rather, just send up the billing and shipping address, the quantity and the PO number.  We then send an invoice with the shipment.

I don't want to order online, can you just accept a credit card by phone?
Absolutely…just give us a call and we are happy to process your order.

Sometimes I have a hard time using the checkout as it does not work right?
The marvels of technology do occur and if there is a problem ordering online, please let us still help you.  Call us and we can take your order online.

Are there promotional codes or coupons?
Usually Smushballs are marketed through email mailings or on our facebook page.  We also will list any current promotion on our information page.  Any specials or promotions are located there.  You can always call and ask and we will let you know what is available.