Latest Promotions

Our biggest sellers are 4 and 6 dozen to parents and travel teams in order to help hitters practice repetition. To help some with cost, our promo thru March 2020 is to give free shipping for 4 and 6 dozen orders. Use promo code "free" to take advantage of this offer.

Crazy limited time offer for February and March. How many times do you go to a game and there are no batting cages to practice. Smushballs are excellent because you can have 5 or 6 piles of smushballs along the right field line and have players toss the balls to another player who hits into right field. Once the pile has been used, gather the balls and do it again but with new throwers and hitters. Literally in 15 min, the entire team could have 35 good swings if they take it serious. So the crazy deal.. 20 dozen for $180 plus $20 shipping...a $40 savings. Parents can join together and get this super value. Just use promo code "case" at checkout.

A back to school promotion was created for September however our online store had issues. So with everything hopefully working again, we will extend this promotion through October which is 4 dozen Smushballs for $50. That includes the shipping! Use PROMO code "SCHOOL4" at the checkout screen

Sponsor and supporter of NHSBCA

Smushballs are thrilled to help support and promote the National High School Baseball Coaches of America. Click on the headline to learn more and get the latest news from the NHSBCA.


Humanitarian Efforts

Through the years, we have been asked to donate Smushballs to help poorer communities and schools. While this was good for our employees to feel like we were doing something good, we have then had opportunities to partner with various humanitarian groups who build schools in villages in Central America. After seeing the children make a form of a ball using wrapped leaves, we were thrilled to donate smushballs to be used in schools as kids need to be kids.

Fund Raising opportunity

A new trend in fund-raising seems to be to just ask people to donate and companies who are promoting this get a percentage. Kind of an interesting concept but we have felt that fundraisers are to build unity and that people who donate can physically benefit. Many schools look for ways to increase funds for their budgets and so there is a special offer for schools and organizations. A case of Smushballs (20 dozen) usually is priced at $220 plus $20 shipping. We offer a Double Case option which actually has 500 balls for the price of $380 and that includes the shipping. With this offer, a school or organzition can take half of the balls, 20 dozen, and have players each sell one dozen for $15 (which is basically the best online price for a dozen) and the money raised would be $300. That makes the cost of the remaining 21 dozen only $80 total.

International Presence

Smushballs are being used by national teams and schools in more and more countries, and recently, a cricket organization in the United Kingdom purchased Smushballs to be used for practice with Cricket teams! Some people are using Smushballs with the Baseball 5 sport as an alternate ball. Next goal...use Smushballs as an additional option with pickleball users...sound crazy? Try it and find out

Smushball Field

In Fargo, North Dakota, a new baseball complex was created. While this happens all over, they also created a small field for little children to play on and they call it "Smushball Field" and yes they practice with Smushballs teaching fundamentals.